After graduating from college, my first full-time employment was working in the financial world for my mother and her small business, Dianne H Ray Bookkeeping Services. She worked hard to service other local small businesses’ bookkeeping needs, and during income tax time, she worked night and day. I learned many things from her, and to this day, rely on her knowledge and experience.

In January of 2020, it was her idea to return to the tax business and once again work together to prepare tax returns in Frankford, where we had previously. I told her I would gladly partner with her as my current responsibilities were mainly seasonal, and tax season would fit my schedule without much conflict.

The next day, she had decided that I should go into business and that she would support me as required. She was not ready to work full-time once again, even if it was seasonal. She felt it was still a great opportunity for me to add to my business offerings.

She was right, it was a great idea and I have enjoyed my return to preparing taxes. Seeing so many familiar faces, catching up with people from my past is very enjoyable and rewarding. 2020 has been a very difficult year for many people. Listed as an essential business, preparing income taxes has given me purpose and way to stay mentally engaged. I am grateful for mom’s insight that contributes to my daily success.


  • Couples returns – Optimizing pension splitting and medical expenses
  • E-file service
  • Audit and Review support included for all returns
  • Complete Client Copy Income tax return (no summary versions)
  • Year-round support
  • Digital Safe file exchange for distant/remote clients
  • Marc Ray starts, completes, e-files every return personally.


Personal Returns $80.00

Rental Sheets add $40.00

Business Sheets add $40.00 or more